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Volunteering with NALAG

Thinking of doing some Volunteer work? Why not Volunteer with NALAG - there are plenty of opportunities. You don't have to be a counsellor, although we can train you to be a Grief Support Volunteer.

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Start up a NALAG Centre or Branch in your Community

NALAG has 2 Centres and 3 Branches in NSW. We are always interested in local movers and shakers that are interested in starting up a Centre or Branch in your area. Learn More

NALAG Membership

NALAG Membership is open to any adult over the age of 18. There are many benefits to membership. Organisational memberships are also available.

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"Being a NALAG Volunteer is extremely rewarding, I now am a Board Member. I enjoy all aspects of the organisation. "

Kerry Frost, Public Officer NALAG Volunteer

"NALAG offers Volunteers great opportunities for learning - I have attend some fantastic educational courses over the years - these have attributed to my skill-set ".

Ruth Gobbitt - NALAG Mudgee Coordinator/Volunteer

"Giving back to your community is a rewarding - being with people in their grief is such an easy gift - its really is a listening ear - to be heard is a gift.

Mary Mathews - Founding Member NALAG Dubbo

A bit about our team...

The NALAG team is made up of dedicated Volunteers and paid staff. There are a number of opportunities to be involved in NALAG in the various Centres and Branches across NSW.

The NALAG team is diverse - with varying qualifications and skill sets. At NALAG you can Volunteer as a Grief Support Person or you can opt to help out with catering, gardening or administration. We will find a meaningful way for you to help support NALAG should you wish to Volunteer that fits with your skills and experience. p

Meet the team...

We are proud of all our dedicated Volunteers and Staff, here you can sample some of the personal experiences that led some of our Volunteers and Staff to join the NALAG team.

  • Our Staff

    Phone or drop into the NALAG Centre for Loss & Grief in Dubbo and you will be greeted by Trudy, Shelley or Gerry.

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  • Our Volunteers

    NALAG is supported by a beautiful team of dedicated Volunteers.

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  • Our Board

    Meet our Board of Management, a dedicated group of Volunteers who help manage NALAG.

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A bit about our history...

Who are we

NALAG stands for the National Association for Loss and Grief (NSW) Inc. NALAG is a not for profit organisation formed after the Granville Train Disaster in 1977. Since its formation NALAG's primary objective has been to encourage and promote professional and community education in loss, grief, bereavement and trauma.

NALAG has been involved in the establishment of many of the loss and grief support groups throughout Australia. NALAG is frequently called upon for training and advice by schools, corporations, government departments, media and individuals.

NALAG has Centres and Branches across NSW with it's State office located at the NALAG Centre for Loss and Grief in Dubbo. NALAG is an independent, not for profit organisation. Registered as a public benevolent institution NALAG is funded by NSW Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol.


What we do

Grief Support

NALAG offers FREE grief support to those who are grieving, either face to face or via telephone.


We also promote grief awareness in the community together with promotion around the areas of trauma, suicide and mental health.


NALAG is a peak provider of education and training in the area of loss, grief, trauma and bereavement.


NALAG produces quality educational resources in the area of loss, grief, trauma and bereavement.