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Mustering the Courage to Grieve

Loss brings uninvited pain into our lives. In opening to the presence of the pain of your loss, in acknowledging the inevitability of the pain, in being willing to gently embrace the pain, you demonstrate the courage to honor the pain

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Children Understanding Loss & Grief

Growing up is an ongoing process of change for children that involves times of loss as well as times of gain. Children grieve from an early age, but not in the same way as adults. They often grieve in bursts and can show their feelings in their behaviour and play.

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Accidental Counsellor

Life does not always go to plan. Stressful situations arise and some people may find it helpful to share their experiences with others.

In many community service and other workplace environments clients may feel that they want to talk about difficulties they are going through. Having conversations such as these can be difficult both for the client and for the staff member.

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A Different Grief - A Man's Grief

Each year we acknowledge Mens Health Week during June, in this Issue of the Bereavement Buddy we look at men's grief as a health issue. By Deatra Yatman, MSW, LCSW

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Complicated Grief
Does it Belong in DSM-5?

Prolonged grieving exists, but some argue that classifying it as a separate disorder in DSM-5 is unwarranted and may inadvertently encourage unnecessary treatment with medication.
By Lindsey Getz

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Managing Grief Better - People with Disabilities

Understanding the needs of someone with a developmental disability when it comes to loss and grief. By Professor Sheila Hollins

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Children & Divorce

How do children deal with loss, grief and change when their parents relationship is falling apart? Many children suffer during this very confusing time.

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