Blue Healers Depression Program


What is the Blue Healers Program?

Developed in 2007, the Blue Healers Depression, Stress and Anxiety program is a psycho-educational program that teaches people experiencing depression, stress and anxiety strategies to cope. The program is completely FREE to suitable participants.

The Blue Healers Program is about learning strategies for managing depression, anxiety and stress.
The Blue Healers Program is suitable for adults with:

- Depression;
- Anxiety;
- Stress.

The Blue Healers Program is unsuitable for people with:

- Severe Clinical Depression;
- Chronic Mental Illness.


About the Program

The Blue Healers Program assists people who are experiencing depression, anxiety and stress by teaching participants coping strategies to enhance wellbeing for themselves or help others.

Blue Healers is a group program developed and presented by the NALAG Centre for Loss & Grief Dubbo. The program is presented by trained facilitators.


Program Sessions

The Blue Healers Program has been adapted to the following program sessions to accommodate rural and remote communities. We offer 1 day introduction sessions, 2 day weekend sessions and also an 8 week program (1 session per week for 8 weeks).


1 Day Introduction

This program is designed for those who are wanting more information about the Blue Healers Program or are living in a rural and remote community in which an 8 week program is not available.


2 Day Weekend

This program is designed to be more in depth than the 1 Day program and allows for more participant interaction and participation. Also designed for rural and remote communities where an 8 week program is not available or to gauge interest in running the 8 week program.


8 Week (1 Session per week for 8 weeks)

The 8 week program is run from 6.00pm - 8.00pm 1 day per week for 8 weeks and has proven to be the most beneficial of the Blue Healers Program in terms of mood enhancement.

For more information on Blue Healers and Depression, Stress and Anxiety information please Contact us.