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What is Grief Support?

This brochure describes what it is that NALAG provides in terms of grief support. Sometimes the simple act of listening is all that is needed to help someone through grief.

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How to Help Someone Who is Grieving

What should you say when someone you know has lost a loved one or grieving another loss such as pregnancy loss, job or relationship? This brochure describes the best ways in which you can be supportive.

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Bereavement by Suicide

The loss of a loved one is a tough experience. Losing a loved one as a result of suicide brings added questions and answers that may always be unresolved. This brochure helps describe the grief reactions associated with the loss of a loved one to suicide.

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Loss of a Baby

This brochure describes the loss reactions associated with the loss of a baby. Most couples expect a happy ending when they fall pregnant. Unfortunately the statistics are that 1 in 4 will result in a miscarriage or still birth.

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Have you experienced the loss of a baby or pregnancy. More information is available including our Remembering the Babies Rock Garden Learn More

Crisis & Trauma

Crisis, trauma and grief. This brochure looks at the grief reactions associated with crisis and trauma and the grief that follows.

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Grandpa's Hat

Grandpa's Hat is a children's book about grief and loss. Written and illustrated by NALAG supporters Jen Cowley and Mark Horton, all proceeds of the book assist NALAG in providing grief and loss support to the community.

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Grief Brochures

One of NALAG's important roles is to promote the good management of grief following a loss. Without the correct intervention, grief can quickly become a more serious health issue. Recognising the grief reactions, symptoms and learning helpful and meaningful ways to enhance wellbeing following loss is one of NALAG's main objectives.



NALAG also produces a number of resources including brochures, Bereavement Buddy eNewsletter, NALAG News Printed newsletter and the Grandpa's Hat Children's Book.

The following brochures have been developed as a free resource to help people who are grieving and those whom are supporting people through loss and grief. All brochures are free to download and print in their original format.


Information on Services - PDF

Adolescent Grief - PDF

Aged Care - PDF

Death of a Baby - PDF

Drought - PDF

Explaining Death to Children- PDF

Helping Children after Disaster - PDF

Helping Children after Tragedy - PDF

Helping Someone who is Grieving - PDF

Helping a Young Person after Loss - PDF

Loss & Grief In Later Life - PDF

Mens Grief - PDF

Pet Loss - PDF

Miscarriage - PDF

Stillbirth - PDF

Sudden & Unexpected Death - PDF

Suicide - PDF

Termination of Pregnancy - Elective - PDF

Termination of Pregnancy - Medical - PDF

Trauma - PDF

When an employee dies- PDF