Grief Muster - Mudgee

Grief Muster 2016 - MUDGEE

Saturday 25 August 2018


When: Saturday 25th August 2018
Time: 11.00AM
Cost: FREE

Ph: 0488 225 710 or E:


What is it?

A “muster” or gathering of people to acknowledge loss, grief and resilience.

We will meet at the Lawson Park BBQ area in Mudgee at 11.00am for a short Remembering Ceremony followed by light refreshments.

All members of the community are invited to attend this event. If you have experienced a recent loss in your workplace/school or church group - maybe organise a group of your collegues/friends to attend and wear a certain colour, flower or bring balloons. This event is really what YOU make it. It is a commemoration and recognition of significant losses.


From those who attended the day...

"We were gathered by the river, each with our own memory, each with our own story of loved ones now gone. Gum leaves were distributed, unblemished, fresh from the bush, smooth and beautiful to hold. It was on our leaf that we were encouraged to write the name of a loved one. or a life event, that had drawn us to this place to honour our grief.
One lady sat still, seemingly mesmerized by her leaf. then quietly she spoke to those beside her. she had discovered on the underside of the leaf seven small nodules - 7 . She had come in order to remember seven members of her family whom she had lost. It was a beautiful moment of connection with us all as we silently wondered about the amazing way life reveals its twists and turns so that we can join with each other in support and encouragement. For this woman it was a very special time, she held fast to her leaf with 7 nodules but threw another into the river and watched it gently glide out into the current. Each of us present had been witness to her story and were privileged to have been present.. Thank you Nalag for a memorable Grief Muster."


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This is a FREE community event open to all ages.

For more information contact:

NALAG Centre for Loss & Grief
Ph: 0488 225 710