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NALAG Centres & Branches

NALAG has the following Cenrtes and Branches in New South Wales.



Bellingen/Nambucca Shires (Miindala)

Hunter Education

Grief Support Telephone Service (Sydney)


Grief Support

What is Grief?

Grief is our reaction to loss. Someone who has experienced a loss can feel like being lost in a maze of conflicting emotions. This is normal following significant loss. Some examples of significant losses are the death of a loved one, a miscarriage, abortion, divorce/separation or relationship breakdown, death of a pet, loss of job, home, identity or independence, caring for someone with a chronic or a life threatening illness.


What is Grief Support?

At the NALAG Centre for Loss and Grief we provide FREE loss and grief support to those who are grieving by trained Volunteers. Sometimes the offer of an independent listening ear can be beneficial to the grief process.


How do I access NALAG's services?

If you would like to access any services provided by NALAG you can call Head Office in Dubbo on 02 6882 9222. The Staff can take your registration over the phone and provide you with contact details of a Centre or Branch near you. Alternatively you can access our Grief Support Telephone Service on 0439 922 201.


As a third party can I register a client with NALAG?

Yes, NALAG can take your registration by phone or you can complete a registration form and return it to us. Upon receipt the Manager of the NALAG Centre will assess the registration and make a recommendation for support. Generally, you or the client will receive a phone call within 5 working days. Please note that NALAG is not a crisis centre, if your inquiry is urgent or you feel your client could be suicidal, please phone the emergency department of your local hospital.

Registration Form - PDF

Registration Form (MUDGEE) - PDF